Horribles Parade 2017

Oct. 26th – 4:30 – 5:30

You’ve Got the Right Stuff – Build Your Own Scarecrow Contest.

The 2017 Horribles will include the City’s 2nd annual You’ve Got the Right Stuff – Build Your Own Scarecrow Contest. Residents of all ages and groups/organizations are invited to participate. Frames for building your scarecrow can be obtained at the Recreation Center at 239 Concord Rd from October 9th – October 21st during regular business hours.

Enter – 3 Winners will be chosen

The frames have been designed to facilitate easy construction and will allow all scarecrows to be displayed and viewed in a standing position around Union Common on October 26th.

Completed scarecrows can be delivered to the Recreational Center by Tuesday October 24th during normal business hours. Submissions must include an index card noting the participant’s name, contact information. Additionally, each participant’s name should be affixed to their scarecrow.

Scarecrows will be judged in 3 categories; youth, individual, and organization/group. One winner from each category will be selected for their creativity and awarded a gift certificate, donated by local Marlborough businesses. Awardees will be notified October 28, 2017.

The frames make building your scarecrow easy. Your scarecrow can be made from items such as old clothes, a pillowcase for the face, newspaper for stuffing, and string to join the scarecrow together.  There are many on-line videos detailing how to begin building your scarecrow.  We found one that you may like to review before you begin.

Click here to access the link.


The event will also include a faux photo booth at 175 Main Street. Participants are invited to stop by and have a professional photographer take their pictures in their Halloween garb and enjoy complementary juice and donuts. Pictures of participants can be viewed on-line starting October 28th by utilizing a private password disclosed only to participants. Downloads of the Horribles pictures will be sent to participants FREE upon their request.


If you have questions about the Horribles parade please contact the City’s Program Coordinator Leanne Cordischi at lcordischi@gmail.com or call at 774-463-9517.




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